about us

History of TCS

TCS was launched as a fully fledged Third Party Administrator in 2010 by a group of like-minded investors. The founding shareholders had been previously involved in the insurance and TPA markets both in KSA and the region. Their experience pointed to the need for a new and dynamic provider of TPA services. Recognizing the many problems facing the healthcare industry, and the industry's constantly expanding needs, the founders set out to create a company which could offer professional claims handling and administrative services within a broader framework of transparency, efficiency and sound advice. The result was TCS.

Upon commencing operations, TCS will focus exclusively on providing insurance companies efficient management services related to health insurance.

One of our key strengths from the very beginning has been our staff. TCS, from the outset, brought together a team of healthcare professionals with over 10 years of experience at some of the region's leading healthcare insurance companies and Medical Institutions. Our team, which now stands at over 150 people, have developed and maintained a reputation for industry-leading levels of personalized customer service and professional, diligent cost control.

TCS is currently affiliated with multiple prestigious and highly capable TPAs and assistance firms; Through these affiliations, TCS can ensure your clients gain access to healthcare providers throughout the Globe. TCS will be further committed to expand its network of affiliated TPAs in strategic locations to deliver the best in personalized healthcare management services.

Facts and Figures
  • TCS provides access to providers in every region of KSA and throughout the Middle East through its network of Affiliated TPAs:
  • Over 1.5 million lives managed on a daily basis
  • Over 115 Employees (including Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses) are allocated to follow up and insure quality service for insured members and client insurance companies.
  • Contracts with over 950 HealthCare Providers
  • Over 1,300,000 claims handled every year.

Statutory Information
  • CCHI Accreditation & SAMA License Renewed (03/2013)
  • CCHI Accreditation (accreditation date 04/2010)
  • SAMA License (license date 03/2010)
  • Register of Commerce No 2051040769 - Khobar - KSA
  • Licensed by the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority as a third party administrator with license number 1/665.
  • Company officially registered in 2009 with paid up capital of 3,000,000 SR

Shareholders and Board of Managers

TCS is incorporated as a limited liability company with paid up capital of 3,000,000 Saudi Riyals.

Details of shares held:

•   Abdullah Abdul Mohsen Al-Khodari Sons Company – 30% of all shares held.
•   Mr. Rizk El Khoury – 30% of all shares held.
•   Mr. Mohammad Jamal Ali Dinnawi – 25% of all shares held.
•   Mr. Abdulatif Azmi Abdulhadi – 15% of all shares held.

Board of Managers
TCS's board is currently composed of the following members:
•   Mr. Mohammad Jamal Ali Dunnawi – Chairman – Partner
•   Mr. Rizk El Khoury – CEO – Partner
•   Mr. Fawaz Al Khodari – Partner (representing A.A.M. Al-Khodari Sons Company)
•   Mr. Abdulatif Azmi Abdulhadi – Partner

Core Philosophies at TCS
Your customers demand top quality service. Your shareholders expect good results. You need administrative efficiency. In the highly competitive Saudi healthcare market, achieving all those goals can prove a challenge.

We offer a dynamic and innovative set of services designed to help you meet your goals. With its own team of healthcare professionals, TCS can manage your healthcare management needs at all stages of the process, from network management and claims admissions to claim auditing and reinsurance reporting.
We believe all parties should have access to all pertinent information, however, each client's data is secured and accessible only by the client. Providers and reinsurers are also provided direct access to information pertinent to each.
We are committed to incorporate technology into our operations to increase efficiency and enhance informed decisions making processes. We are further committed to an ongoing process of research and development and to passing the benefits of this process on to our clients.
Sound Portfolio Management
Keeping the balance between preserving insured members satisfaction while managing costs and utilization helps our clients insurance companies grow. We at TCS adhere to a strict philosophy of cost control, tempered by our clients' market strategy and needs. Over the past few years, we have successfully managed both utilization and reduced costs for our clients, despite the increasing pressures of inflation. We are committed to thorough cost control at point of entry, throughout patients' stay in hospital and through diligent auditing and to passing on the benefits of our efforts to our clients.
Long Term Partnerships
A health insurance policy might be only for one year, or more for that matter, but the relationship you build with your stakeholders may last a lifetime. You need a partner that will be there, helping you grow. We believe our operations should benefit all parties concerned. To strengthen the partnerships we build with you, we are committed to a comprehensive development program for our services, systems and processes which we pass on directly to you. We also look to involve our clients directly in our development, integrating your feedback into the way we improve and grow our business.